Top Tips To Deal With Pests At Home

Top Tips To Deal With Pests At Home

A home is a place to be after a long day at work. It is a peace haven that every family desires. It gives warmth, comfort, and happiness to its owners. A pest infested home, however, is scary and disturbing to come back to. Pests not only make homes uncomfortable but also pose a risk of infections. Bellator Pest Control in phoenix takes the burden of controlling pests off your shoulders. Inspection is important in determining the types pests present so that to employ the most effective method of control.

Tips to deal with pests at home

Understand the pests signs

fdgdfgdfgfdgdfgfdgThe following signs are a sure indication that pests are present; broken wings or limbs, buzzing sounds in the case of flying insects, droppings on floors and counters, chirping sounds, itching in humans and pets and seeing crawling insects on the surfaces. The most common entry points are usually open doors and windows, cracks and crevices on the walls and the tiny spaces below or above the doors. Sealing any likely entry point is important. During repairs, ensure that no spaces are left unsealed.


This is the most cost effective measure of pest control. Pests love dirt and thrive in dark and neglected places. Ensure the interior of your premises is well lit. Attend to spillages immediately. Clean surfaces with water and detergents to avoid build up of dirt. The kitchen is the most conducive place for household pests because of the food debris found on the surfaces. Do not leave dirty dishes in sinks overnight as these will attract roaches. Conduct frequent vacuuming of the whole house.

Maintain the upholstery

Upholstery makes a good home for fleas and bedbugs, so you need to carry out routine maintenance practices. Pets are prone to infestations keep them clean and fumigate their bedding on a regular basis. Trash cans provide food and shelter to mice, rats, and cockroaches ensure they are well covered.

Attend to the trash

Do not leave broken pots, empty jars and bottles unattended around the house. Weed and prune unwanted vegetation around the home. Neglected lawns harbor rats and snakes, mow them regularly.

Use of professional fumigators

fdgfdgdfgdfgfdgfdgFor 100% guaranteed success contact the experienced experts in Pest Control. The staff comprises of licensed and qualified members with proven records excellence that has been achieved over the years. They use chemicals that have been scientifically tested and proven safe for you and the environment.

Some mild pesticide such as Boric acid has proved to effective in ridding homes off crawling pests. Always read the manufacturers’ instructions before using any pesticide. Dispose of the empty cans correctly after use, as some chemicals are highly inflammable.…

Common Types Of Ant Species Found At Home

Common Types Of Ant Species Found At Home

A time comes when most homeowners have to deal with pest infestation. The subject of dealing with ant infestations often end up being very interesting considering that there are many types of ants. As such, how you choose to eliminate them depends on the species. Due to the enormous variety of ant species, it is not always easy for most homeowners to tell which kind of any they are dealing with. That said, these article takes a closer look at some common ant species and their traits.

Types of ants

Pavement ants

This is one of the most native ant species. It wsdadcaSis small and dark colored. It is also responsible for creating small sand hills along sidewalks. These insects are naturally attracted to sweet things like boric acid. As such, you should use boric acid to attract them. From there, you should use an appropriate pesticide to get rid of them. The good thing about dealing with these type of ants is that many pesticides can be used considering that they are quite common.

Pharaoh ants

This is a common household insect as well. They are usually tiny with a brownish color. This is one of the most difficult ant species to deal with. Like the pavement ant, they are also attracted to sweet things. They might also be exterminated using a similar pesticide but not always. As such, you should take time and read through to ensure the pesticide works on them as well.

Fire ants

This ant species live in colonies. They are also very protective and are always willing to attack anything that sDcASDsADcomes their way. Their evil nature makes it difficult to get rid of them at first. Exterminating these species is done in two phases. You first broadcast the insecticide in all their colonies. After broadcasting, you will also be expected to apply a liquid/organic insecticide, by soaking the nests. As you do this, you should ensure that the bait is also used uniformly.

These three types are the most common type of ants. Getting rid of ants requires you to identify the exact species you will be dealing with. From there, look for the right bait and employ the most efficient borax for ants. As much as the techniques might be similar, failure of one method should be backed up by another method. Failure could be attributed to misidentification of a species or use of the wrong pesticide. Therefore, ensure you get things right before using any pesticide.…