Benefits of Living in a Rodent-Free Home

Benefits of Living in a Rodent-Free Home

There are different species of rats that affect people at home or in business. These include roof rats and pack rats. Rats are vertebrate pests that cause economic damage and human suffering. If uncontrolled, these creatures can cause plague epidemics and rat-bite fever. They can also gnaw electric wires or feed on stored grains.

Most people believe that they can get rid of rat problems by killing rats, but this is not it the best solution for getting rid of the rat infestation problem. Hiring a profession rat control company is the best way of eliminating these creatures. The Phoenix Pestpros is one of the reputable rat removal service companies.These professionals can help you in getting rid of these creatures in your business or home.

Various Forms of Rat Damage

rat-damageThese creatures are known for causing more suffering than any other types of vertebrate pests. For instance,, they are known for burrowing, chewing wires and causing contamination. According to statistics, rats have been destroying over twenty percent of the food supply globally every year indirectly through contamination or by feeding.

Controlling Rat Infestations and Situations

Having a successful long-term control program is not simple. You should aim at controlling rat populations and not individual rats. This is done by deploying an integrated approach. This includes the use of non-lethal tools like upgraded sanitation, careful inspections, and rat-proofing structures. You should avoid deploying lethal control method since most of them involve the use of dangerous chemicals like rodenticides and other non-toxic control measures like glue boards or snap traps.

Professional Rat Removal

rat controlRats are known for spreading many diseases to people and pets. They can transmit diseases directly by contaminating food with their feces or urine. Sometimes they transmit diseases indirectly when fleas bite infected rats and then people or pets. The common diseases transmitted by rats include leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. These diseases share similar characteristics, but they can be diagnosed by performing a proper diagnosis.

Why You Need to Keep Your Home Rat Free

  • Your family will be happy and comfortable– The sudden appearance of rats at home can cause people who are comfortably resting to start jumping on top of furniture in fear. This is something that can be seen even in TV shows or movies. You will certainly feel uncomfortable when you see a pest inside your room.
  • Avoid embarrassing situations– The appearance of rats when dining can ruin your nice evening, especially when you have some guests around. You can avoid such situations by hiring the services of professional pest control companies.
  • Protecting Your Family Value-Selling a home that is heavily infested with rats and other pests can depress the seller’s asking price. It is imperative to ensure that your home is free of visible pests like ants, mice, and termites.